Basic Services

Pie Chart

W-2 & 1099 forms

At year end, both Electronic and physical W-2 and 1099 forms are mailed to you and your employees.


Contractor Payments & 1099s

Have the freedom to work with contractors. We generate and send the 1099 forms at year's end directly to your contractor.

Government Building

Tax Payments

Payroll taxes are automatically calculated, filed and paid electronically to the governement.

Cruise Ship

Vacation & Sick Time

We specialize in customized vacation and sick time accrual plans. You tell us the plan and we write up the code. We keep track of personalized plans no other payroll company can offer.


Data Entry

Employees can fill out their own information or we can do the data entry for you, saving you from filing out anymore paperwork than you have to.

Security Shield


We provide a 256bit SSL encryption when connected to our portal. This keeps your information safe from prying eyes.

Employer Services


Quarterly Reports

Reports for your company are mailed to you at the end of each fiscal quarter.

New Hire

New Hire Reports

We file your new hire information with the proper state agencies to ensure your company is compliant.

Pay Check

Manual Checks

Pay your employees on the spot. Bonuses shouldn't have to wait. We file and calculate the taxes for you so you can write a manual check when you need to.

Pen & Signature

Electronic Signature

Don't waste time signing checks. We keep your signature electronically and print it on your checks.

Employee Services

Piggy Bank

401k & Savings Plans

Set up 401k and savings plans for you employees. Match their contributions and help your employees secure their future.


Health & Dental Deductions

Providing your company with the ability to automatically deduct your employees pay for health and dental insurance plans.



Paying for employee in-store purchases, equipment, loans and advancements is made easy by automatically decrementing their pay over time.

Email Envelope

Electronic Paystubs

Paystubs are emailed directly to the employee with a secure login and password to keep their information safe.

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