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PlatinumPay Web-Based Human Resource Software

For companies looking for the freedom to control their growing human resource and payroll needs. PlatinumPay is the perfect option, an easy-to-use web-based software where you can manage your employees, print reports and process payroll with the convenience and security of a full service payroll company behind you.

Managing your employees is easy with the functionality to store employee information. Track birthdays, anniversaries, annual bonuses, reviews, training recertification, annual wage increases and more with alerts to remind you of upcoming events.

Print, export and customize payroll and employee reports with 24/7 access. Customization is easy with report templates to build from . Export reports in CSV, PDF, Xcel, and Text formats for easy import into most accounting software like QuickBooks Pro®.

Sometimes payroll can't wait. Now, paying employees on the spot is easy with manual check calculations. Enter your information in PlatinumPay to calculate payroll taxes, write your check and report the information to us for report adjustments.

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